Intramedullary (IM) nailing has been used in the fixation of long bone fractures since Gerhard Küntscher introduced the concept in 1939. Adaptable Ortho Innovations has developed, tested, and refined an adjustable length tibial nail, henceforth referred to as the Adjustable Length Orthopedic Device (ALOD). This innovation will provide optimized treatments for patients and cost savings to clinics and hospitals engaged in IM nailing.   

Currently, orthopedic clinicians can choose from up to 127 differently size IM nails for their patients.  The average cost of an IM nail is about $3,000. Furthermore, once a nail 's sanitary package is opened, it must be used.  If it turns out that it was the incorrect size, the nail must be discarded. Thus, hospitals and clinics incur significant inventory costs associated with stocking IM nails. Because of their cost, all 127 of these discrete sizes are not typically kept in stock. Usually, an inventory of least a dozen of the most common sizes is maintained for emergency and trauma patients. However, a patient's extremity does not always perfectly match one of the sizes kept in stock. 

Through years of clinical practice, Dr. Alexander Martin Clark (Chief of Surgery at Sharon Hospital in Sharon, Connecticut) recognized the problems associated with current IM nails and conceptualized ALOD as the solution. Just 6 different sizes of our adjustable length IM nail covers the same range as 127 different traditional nails. ALOD will bring better treatment to patients by ensuring the correct size nail is always in stock. And at the same time it will make it easier and less expensive to provide that treatment.